Flarup – The Sun (Walt Remix)

Flarup - The Sun (Walt Remix)“The Sun” has been presented to DJs, producers, press, major brand strategists, random potential consumers, dance-pool owners, sound-engineers, radio-jocks, songwriters etc.. Receiving not only amazing positive feedback from all around, but also a sincere interest about the sound and the project. Gaining listeners’ admiration through the blissful feeling it gives, something unique around “The Sun” is going on.

A Bit of Me

In the last decade, I had a career in EDM(Electronic Dance Music) and for some, it seems like doing a radical turn of style, but my value, belief and mission behind is still the same: “giving good back to the world”.


hard house days

As I have distanced myself from the earlier genre and style that I’ve worked with, I now focus on whatever I feel for. I now produce songs that are unique and unlimited. I am on my reinvented path with my new, fresh and original sound without any existing genre limitations.

I have produced an album that came out unique. Every song has it ´s own tempo and expression. Expressing rather different emotions, than a genre. We are talking about pure songwriting and producing electronic dance music in a new way.

“The Sun” is the fourth single released, from my upcoming album, “Reinvention”.

My vision motivates me in life and my main focus to all my doings. It is not about money, fame or acknowledgement. It is about giving good back to the world. It empowers me to share my positive, harmonious, energetic, innovative experiences and emotions to others through my music, for a higher purpose.

“It is about giving good back to the world.”

The Sun

One day, my 7 year old nephew suggested me to create a song about the Sun. I kept his suggestion and entertained the idea, and so I went to the beach during summertime, on my depart home-island in the west of Denmark, where I could be alone and have my own space. I started to feel the sun – being in the now – and soaked in the energy and emotions that came up in me.


blissful shot from  the original ”The Sun” music video

I felt nurtured, I felt compassion, rejuvenated, loved and warm – I felt being in a good place of home. With the Sun in my veins, I started to tap around and felt a natural beat from my body. On the spot – under The Sun, I recorded the beat on my phone – and fast came along a melody in mind which I recorded as well… With this beat and melody recorded, and the emotions I felt, the production of the song “The Sun” came to be.

The feelings that “The Sun” gave me that day on the beach is so basic and important for humanity in general. The production of “The Sun” is my way of expressing and give a mirror of these emotions and feelings.

I always produce for my own satisfaction, but when I acknowledge a song that has profound feelings, I want the song to be featured on my album and be handed over to the World. Keeping it for myself would be selfish… If one person can feel something good from it even if it is just 10-30 seconds – I am obligated to share it to the world. I believe that artists including myself are obliged to share their creation for a higher purpose. This is the story of my new release, “The Sun”.

Walt Remix



The Swedish producer Walt, asked for my permission to remix The Sun, and with pleasure and delight, the incredible uplifting remix came to be. The Sun (Walt Remix) make the clubs and music festival crowds explode – even if people have not heard of it on radio, the effect is very remarkable – and points out hit-potential.

Here the Swedish super-talented producer Walt, has remixed “The Sun” to an explosive emotional journey. This guy is worth keeping a close eye and ears on. He can surely touch the emotions of the world, like what he did with his remix of “The Sun”.

I hope you feel empowered with this remix and can be useful for you in your doings.

Thank you for listening!


All the best,

Thomas Flarup


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