The Sun (feat. Peter Munters)

A summer day in 2012, my dear nephew Lucas (at age 7) suggested, with deep motivation, that I make a song about the Sun. Seeing clearly, it is the most profound and altruistic suggestion. Dear Lucas, you are so right, you shine so bright. The sun is like our mother, and with love the sun gives us warmth.


a meaningful shot from “the sun” music video

“The sun is like our mother, and with love the sun gives us warmth.”

“The Sun” is conceived on a summer-day of 2012, tapping around in the sun, all alone at the beach shore of my home island Thyholm, Denmark. I felt a rhythm, tempo and the first chords of melody coming to me and I noticed the emotions growing inside.

The Sun is the feeling of being nurtured, being home, feeling loved, embraced – growing compassion.

Together with my great friends Daniel Rothmann & Peter Munters we composed, wrote and recorded what is soon to be released; a song from the sun.

Daniel Rothmann

Daniel Rothmann


Peter Munters

The final music video is edited by the incredible talented Mathias Eis Schultz’ Film & Photography. The music video has become a remarkable visual experience boosting emotions in harmony with the song.


Mathias Eis Schultz

With a vision of “giving good back to the world”, I am now very happy to share with you; “The Sun”.

Enjoy and feel free to share, thank you!


All the best,

Thomas Flarup


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