The Flow (feat Daniel & Peter Munters)


“Flow is the mindset phenomenon, where extraordinary outcome releases naturally; let yourself go.”

I know what is important to me, my personality. Why? Because I know what I can do, what I want and the direction I want to develop myself. I am aware of the power of being in harmony, feel my passion, believe in myself – and JUST DO IT.


Wu Wei

That is the mindset which compares with “Flow” and the description from TAO “Wu Wei”. We can all use the natural and control-less direction – to be happy, feel comfortable, exceed and enjoy life.

By practicing self-awareness and the wanted direction for personal development, when we really want to seek a direction, willpower appears – and the path will appear just by letting feelings live freely and make choices that feels naturally good.

When path and direction are followed naturally, because you want it, because it is YOUR path, YOUR direction (not others), it feels amazing and you can make unique and extraordinary results grow. This is a part of living by FLOW.

FLOW or WU WEI is a very elementary mindset to be REALLY  happy – get energy on a high level – REALLY unfold your individual self – REALLY live your life –and walk on the path that feels natural for you.

Awareness and practice, practice, practice are basics if you want to go from one path to another. If you want to radically change your behavior, direction, path or results. With awareness and practice – a new path can grow into being naturally for you. Step by step, awareness and practice can be exchanged with FLOW – and magic sparkles.

FLOW (WU WEI) eliminates restrictions, boundaries and control. Instead, natural balance, energy and happiness are released.

With my awesome and good friends, Daniel Rothmann & Peter Munters we have created and recorded this free flowing song.


Daniel Rothmann

Peter Munters

Peter Munters

And so now, I humbly share to you, “Flow”.

Enjoy and share, thank you!


All the best,

Thomas Flarup


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