Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Different people have contributed in various ways, to the re-launch of Flarup (me) and my own style. A spotlight on these wonderful persons and their talents is well-deserved. This time the spotlight points at the very talented norwegian graphic-design-artist; Petter Smedsmo.

Petter has created the unique cover-artworks of the two recent single-releases and the upcoming album.


Early 2013 I passed, on coincidence, by an art-showcase near a recording-studio. The art-showcase featured some amazing works by Petter Smedsmo, and I felt an alignment with my style of music right away.

The positive impressions this day in Aarhus (Denmark) led me to call Petter Smedsmo, and proposed him the idea of creating cover-artwork for the upcoming album “Reinvention”. After exchange of thoughts we became aware of value-harmony, and it was obvious to me that Petter is a very talented and distinct artist.



I am an amplifier.
I work on trust.
Every project must be useful and good for the world.
I’m honest and direct. You need to be as well.
I work for your customers, so I sometimes side with them.
I create meaning through design.
I go all-in on every project. You must as well.
Simple is always better.
Art can not be defined.
I am an neverending process – i strive to learn.
“More is more”, no rules.

You can see more of Petter Smedsmo´s amazing works here: