Thursday, August 28, 2014

North America is coming Alive!


The North American dance floor heat surrounding ‘Alive’ is rocketing equal to this years summer temperature. Only one month after the release of “Alive”, an remarkable impact is realized.

Confirmed rotation-airplay at more than 81 radio-stations across United States and Canada, entry at 16 regional dance-charts and impressive feedbacks from all over is in.

And additional airplay, dj-support and feedbacks are continuously rolling in; which indicates “Alive” to go far.

“Massive response from both radio listeners and club goers.”
Steve Cunningham, Los Angeles

“Big response to this one.”
Jeremy Martorano, Chicago

“This has already gotten a lot of requests.”
Bob Fortini, Pasadena Florida

“This is a rager.”
DJ Sticky Boots, Bloomington, Illinois

“Now up to Medium rotation thanks to the great feedback.”
Kill Da DJ, Minneapolis

“Flarup hit a home run with this one.”
DJ Jeremy Mesa, Arizona

“One of my most popular new tracks.”
Stephen Popa, New York

“Sure to be a hit, as his last was.”
Ronnie Matthews, Charlotte

“Big reaction to this, all positive.”
Brett Holcomb, Pemberton, New Jersey

“In Steeltown this is fast becoming a hit. Let it ride.”
TJ Hess, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

“Everyone is raging to this track.”
John D’Anglego Chicago, Illinois

“Awesome response to this from listeners. Definitely building an audience in Chicago.”
Manny Esparza, Chicago Illinois

“Off with a bang! HUGE! We love Flarup!”
DJ Jess, New York

“On its way to becoming a hit in Hawaii!”
Randy Bermudez, Makawoa Hawaii

“The Queens are already getting their vogue on to this one, which tells it is going to be a hit.”
John Hrabar, Pittsburgh

“So good! His last single was good, but this one is going further.”
Jenny Costa, Northport New York

“This is slaying! Already getting my people fired up. They love it, and that means it is a hit!”
Marvin Collett, Lexington Kentucky

“My Brooklyn people love it.”
Uncle G, Brooklyn, New York

“Already getting a great buzz from this track. A soon to be hit – lot’s of our people dig Flarup.”
DJ Wesley King, Denver Colorado

“In rotation for all radio shows.”
DJ Mike King, Traverse Michigan

“Already taking hold in Tampa!”
DJ Goofy White Kid, Tampa Florida

…and more