Alive (feat. Kris Bolvig)


What does make us feel alive? For me, energy is the main key, and I believe this is the case in general. Positive energy is happiness. I have felt positive energy arise in movements, like discovering, playfulness and curiosity. Like a child playing – a lot of energy is increased and being released. Life – and all the challenges that follow are easier to manage when we find a way and energy to play through. If we keep a very positive outlook towards challenges, that’s when we find the energy to “play us to life” – NOT just to manage, but to feel ALIVE – here, in the present, now.



Like a new day rise and shine – so do I. In my new reality, I choose to be free. I have played my way through to the other side. I live. I love. Like a child I smile on my playground I call life. My sight comes higher, my state of mind gives me my time. I am alive.

“In my new reality, I choose to be free.”

This unique original I made with my good friend Kris Bolvig and the clubby versions have received amazing feedback from music-bizz-professionals and top-djs, which indicate the release to go far. Such gave me a positive energy and again, I feel alive.

So here, I am very happy to present to you, “ALIVE”.

Life is now – live, love and be alive.

Enjoy, thank you!


All the best,

Thomas Flarup


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