Saturday, April 26, 2014

North America is heating up with “Dancing On Top Of The World”.
With confirmed airplay and rotation at more than 80 radio-stations across United States and Canada, an impressive re-launch of Flarup is accomplished.

Additional 94% of all leading regional dj-pools are charting “Dancing On Top Of The World”, with 9 top60 positions alongside artists like Daft Punk, Beyonce, Shakira, Rihanna, David Guetta, Pharrell Williams, Flo Rida, Tiesto…

“Flarup is setting Chicago on fire” – DJ VG Lozano, Chicago

“This is fast becoming a hit.” – DJ Bob Fortini Pasadena, FL

“Love it, playing it in my Club sets at Webster Hall. On it’s way to becoming a hit.” – DJ Jess, New York

“Big response to this, especially from my East Hollywood crowd. People are starting to ask me about this artist.” – DJ Steve Cunningham, Los Angeles

“Killer track. People asking me about it all the time” – DJ Goofy White Kid, Tampa Florida

“Baby it’s on fire”. – DJ Herbie James Miami, Florida

“Setting Pittspurgh on fire.” – DJ John Hrabar, Pittsburgh

“Have gotten several calls requesting this one.” – DJ Jay Micheals, Boston

“Great response to this. Doing well in NYC,” – DJ Prime, New York

“People really seem to be digging this one.” – DJ Fat Jo Brooklyn, NY

“This one is raging in Chicago right now.” – DJ Manny Esparza Chicago

“Great response to this track. More and more people are picking up on this track.” – DJ Romi, Denver

“Moves up thanks to listener requests”- DJ Stephen Popa, New York

”MASSIVE response” – DJ Mike Cee, Montreal Canada

“Fucking brilliant track, really gets people going.” – DJ Wesley King

“Lots of buzz builing on this one.” – DJ Phil Punzo Philadelphia, PA

“People definitely starting to go crazy over this one.” – DJ Randy Bermudez Makawoa, Hawaii

“Fuck yeah Flarup!” – DJ Jeremy Bastard,

“Great reactions!” – DJ Leslie Whittle, Houston

”Raging club track.” – DJ Vito Insinga Malvern, New York

“This is an instant classic.” – Dance Radio Network, Claymont

“Doing really well.” – DJ Steve Tucker, Odessa Florida

“Starting to get a lot of folks asking for this.” – DJ Richard Dalton, Lynwood VA