Dancing On Top Of The World (feat. Peter Munters)


Have you had days when you are full of positive energy and unexplainable joy – ready to do your passion and spontaneously do or create things – just letting your heart dictate the next step to do, live in the moment and experience pure happines?

The production of this song is a reflection of my emotions – when I am in bliss with myself, when I am satisfied with my doings, when I am actually living every moment – I feel really good, I feel like I’m in wonderland – feels like I’m “Dancing On Top Of The World”.


joyful shot from dancing on top of the world music video

“The production of this song is a reflection of my emotions – when I am in bliss with myself”

“Giving good back to the world.” – This is the value that is powerfully guiding me with my reinvention. Do something that matters, something for greater purpose. And I think, what I can do, is to be of your service – to feed you with the energetic positive harmonic vibes that I believe in, that I feel what brings me to life. I hope my new journey will give you the positive energy that will help you in life and in any way possible.

And so I start this journey with this song – with my fellow artists, Peter Munters and Daniel Rothmann, we have recorded this meaningful original – expressing emotions of pure joy that will give you positive energy.

Daniel Rothmann

Daniel Rothmann


Peter Munters

I am humbled to finally share you, “Dancing On Top Of The World”!

Enjoy and share, thank you!


All the best,

Thomas Flarup


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