Sunday, May 6, 2012

“After a decade working my a… off to establish a Electronic Dance Music scene in Denmark (along with other colleagues with the same vision) and an heavy amount of live-performances I stopped up in 2010 and reflected about my life.

As with all things I involve myself in I took that step pretty serious and immersed myself to a journey with search and definition of my soul. 2 years has passed – and I see the world and myself in a refined view. I feel like reborn!

I am excited that I also defined my future path; Through my music, I will express and reflect basic values that can lead to positive development. Sounds quite simple to say so – and honestly it actual is… I will just do it!

I hereby invite you to experience wonderful enlightenment in companion with me the next decade or more. Through my music I will uncut and purely share my soul and my beliefs with this issue in focus – straight from the heart.

– Flarup”