Sunday, May 6, 2012

“I am sitting here late at night and writing this. Just because I like to do it – and because I wish to let you know that I will surely write again …and again …and again …and will share many of these writings at this website.

I write many of my thoughts because of the simple reason that I have a lot of them. My mind is continuously taking me through reflections and considerations that end up with philosophies that I only occasionally share with other like-minded. I circle around music, life, health, art, the world… and also simple experiences as well.

Some thoughts make sense for others – and some is maybe more personal. I will refine and share those that I think can be useful for others. The blog section at this website is created as a portal for that purpose.

I will be humble for your interest and input as well. Feel free to comment however you feel for. Meet you “in the blog”.

– Flarup.”